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eorn edcd2f3814 fix style code and highlight 7 months ago
Eorn 07fdf8a0fa fix code style in small screens 10 months ago
Eorn 12bcb26cc2 code style update 10 months ago
Eorn 4642a78048 unicorn as list bullet 10 months ago
Eorn b42a58f3eb translation to brezhoneg 11 months ago
Eorn bd9afb7fe7 fix non-default language tag links 11 months ago
Eorn 8fdf270268 fix non-default language rss links 11 months ago
Eorn 78cf457c06 fix css caption 11 months ago
Eorn 384c1a177e added colored boxes 11 months ago
Eorn c3728e6545 ajouté un petit bout de traduction 11 months ago
Eorn 4399d0070e fix link title for multilang 11 months ago
Eorn 4a2ced93e9 fix for favicon 11 months ago
Eorn 1c4c2e09bb added opengraph 11 months ago
Eorn a1548cd929 added funkwhale shortcode 11 months ago
Eorn 0099b22b26 markdownify in read more parts 11 months ago
Eorn f9418499f1 renkafout update on hr-stars 11 months ago
Eorn e723c0bcd5 added custom hr 11 months ago
Eorn c77b820b21 updated blockquotes margin 11 months ago
Eorn 626ae80f87 started translation e brezhoneg 12 months ago
Eorn 18bb6dc68e updated how quotes are handled 12 months ago
Eorn 4c2adcd0fe added audio shortcode 12 months ago
Eorn ebdf820d95 fix style for isso comments 1 year ago
Eorn 13c134c443 added isso 1 year ago
Eorn 8f5268b3d7 fix list <p> 1 year ago
Eorn 301194a144 tags without space in nav 1 year ago
Eorn c331c241cf fix matomo 1 year ago
Eorn 53e9b011f7 matomo after header 1 year ago
Eorn b2fa6a02ee added matomo 1 year ago
Eorn d3984ef059 added blockquotes 1 year ago
Eorn caaf7fa878 links in page-content are no longer monospace 2 years ago
Eorn 40505c40f4 smaller font when on phone 2 years ago
Eorn f90d9e1db7 fix 2 years ago
Eorn 10906a126b decrease tags-list width 2 years ago
Eorn b5af44f350 some formating fixes 2 years ago
Eorn aec8a123a4 First clean commit 2 years ago