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Added some documentation about translations lifecycle

Eliot Berriot 3 years ago
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Translating Funkwhale
A step-by-step, beginner friendly guide is available at
Thank you for reading this! If you want to help translate Funkwhale,
you found the proper place :)
@ -21,8 +23,41 @@ Respecting those guidelines is mandatory if you want your translation to be incl
- Use gender-neutral language and wording
Submitting a new language
1. Pull the latest version of ``develop``
2. Create a new branch, e.g ``git checkout -b translations-new-fr-ca``
3. Add your new language code and name in ``front/src/locales.js``. Use the native language name, as it is what appears in the UI selector.
4. Create the ``po`` file from template:
.. code-block:: shell
export LOCALE=fr_CA # replace with your actual locale code
mkdir -p front/locales/$LOCALE/LC_MESSAGES
msginit --no-wrap --no-translator --locale=$LOCALE --input=front/locales/app.pot --output-file=front/locales/$LOCALE/LC_MESSAGES/app.po
5. Then commit your changes, push, and submit a pull request on the ``develop`` branch
Requesting a new language
If you'd like to see a new language in Funkwhale, please open an issue here:
If you cannot submit a new language yourself, you can request it by opening an issue here:
Extracting messages from source
We offer a script to update existing ``po`` and ``pot`` files with new translations
from the source code. This action should be run regularly, and in particular before
lots of translation work is expected (e.g a few weeks before a new release), or when
the UI code changes a lot. Otherwise, translators end up translating some obsolete messages,
or not translationg new messages.
1. `Lock the translations on weblate <>`_ (``Lock`` button in the sidebar). This will prevent translators from working, and help prevent potential conflicts in the source code
2. `Commit and push changes from weblate <>`_ (``Commit`` and ``Push`` buttons in the sidebar)
3. Pull ``develop`` in your local git repository to ensure you have the latest version of the translations
4. Create a dedicated branch with ``git checkout -b translations-integration``
5. Extract the translations with ``cd front && ./scripts/``. This will update all ``po`` files as necessary
6. Review, commit and push the changes, then open a merge request on the ``develop`` branch
7. When the MR is merged, `Unlock the translations on weblate <>`_ (``Unlock`` button in the sidebar).